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Name: Jason
Species: Pikachu
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash,
Appearance: Looks like a normal Pikachu, has brown eyes.
Abilities: Unknown
Items: None
Residence: None
Bio: Our main protagonist, Jason wakes up in Eldertree Forest with no memories except for his name and that he was human, he is generally kind and helpfull, but wont back down when confronted with danger, he tries to avoid causing conflict, but if anyone insults or harms his friends he can get angry. his skill in melee combat is extraordinary but his ranged attacks tend to falter, occasionally Jason acts without thinking, and he can be a bit selfless at times, he also isn't too upset about being a Pokemon, in fact, he completely accepts his new life seeing it as a fresh start, but will shadows of the past come back to haunt him?

Name: Luna Eon
Species: Eevee
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Nature: Impish
Appearance: Normal Eevee appearance vibrant blue eyes and slightly golden fur, her tail has more fur on it then the average Eevee, likes to keep her fur tidy at all times.
Abilities: Adaptability, Sharpshooter (inherited skill)
Items: Rare Everstone Necklace
Residence: Currently resides in Greenfield Town
Bio: Luna was born and raised in the small and peaceful Greenfield town, where if she wasn't reading she was causing mischief, playing pranks on all of the other local Pokemon. in her eyes her life has been utterly uneventful, and she wastes no time to get away from home to become a adventurer. Luna is clever, analyses situations quickly and efficiently, a big skeptic at times, she gets angry if someone is insistent on something incorrect. she Luna also has a major fondness for hugs, though she usually keeps it to herself.

Name: William Eon (Will)
Species: Leafeon
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Nature: Hardy
Appearance: Has blue eyes, has a burn on his right ear.
Abilities: Leaf Guard, Sharpshooter
Items: Carpenter supplies, old adventure team gear, throwing weapons.
Residence: Greenfield town
Bio: Abandoned deep in the eastern forests at a very young age, William wandered, and stumbled upon the moss rock, resulting in his evolution, he eventually was found and taken into foster care, after several long years of that, he finally left at the age of 15, and formed an Adventure team with two of his closest friends. A few years passed and things took a turn for the worst, and the team disbanded. William then married a Eevee named Lara and moved into greenfield town, becoming the local carpenter, and raising two kids, Luna and Max.

Name: Lara Eon
Species: Flareon
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Nature: Gentle
Appearance: Normal Flareon appearance, has gold colored eyes.
Abilities: Guts
Items: none specified
Residence: Greenfield town
Bio: has lived a fairly normal life for as long as she can remember, used to work in a small resturaunt run by her family, which was going out of business around the time that William Disbanded his Adventure team, her family then sold the place and they used the money to fund William's and Lara's wedding. The married couple then moved into greenfield town where they had Max, after Lara's evolution she gave birth to Luna.

Name: Henry
Species: Sandslash
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Nature: Lonely
Appearance: has a scar on his forehead
Abilities: sand veil
Items: alcoholic beverages
Residence: Lomtrial city
Bio: put into foster care at a young age, he left to form an Adventure team with his best friend William. However things didn't turn out so well and the team disbanded, will had gone through a really bad break up at the time, and along with the team disbanding, they crushed his spirits, Henry turned to alcohol to try and forget all the hard times, and has been drinking ever since, despite his drinking problem, he has managed to land a job carting goods to and from Greenfield town.

Name: Acue
Species: Sandshrew
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Nature: Quirky
Appearance: Normal Sandshrew appearance.
Abilities: Sand rush
Items: Pecha bandana
Residence: somewhere in the desert?
Bio: A Sandshrew that wandered a bit too far away from home, and somehow ended up in Macrintoe city, not much is known about him, he seemed to have lived a very secluded life and doesn't know very much for his age, he admires Skipper, often praising the Tailow's intelligence of what, in all actuallity, should be common knowledge to him at his age, but despite his shortcomings, Acue is a good person and will happily do everything he can to help out.

Name: Skipper Cowler
Species: Tailow
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Nature: Hasty
Appearance: Normal Tailow appearance.
Abilities: Guts
Items: Green bandana
Residence: Flyfidorn Town
Bio: Somewhat rude and annoying, but very knowledgeable. Eventually he decided to form a adventure team with a very lost Sandshrew.